Tips for Choosing a Halal Caterer

Event planners and guests alike love catered events, but it’s important to choose the right caterer. If some guests are Muslim, that means finding a halal catering service that adheres to the Islamic laws about food preparation and content. Read on to find out what to look for to get the search started off right.

Get Referrals

Have Muslim friends or family in the area who have recently thrown catered parties or events? Ask them for insight into their experiences. Even if they didn’t like their caterers, their advice will still be helpful because it will let event planners know which companies to avoid.

Those who don’t feel comfortable asking their friends or relatives for advice can always turn to the Internet. Check testimonials on caterers’ websites or read through some reviews on a third-party review site to get a clear idea of what to expect.

Look at the Menu

When event planners schedule halal catering services by Stamford Catering, they don’t have to worry about finding pork products on the menu or alcohol in the foods. Regardless of what caterers they choose, event planners should still look at the menu prior to making a final decision. Look for variation, and if the event has a theme, make sure that the menu options will fit that theme.

Check for Certification

Look for halal certification. In Singapore, the Majelis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) is the official government halal certification. Working with a business that has been certified halal will remove any doubts from event planner’s minds as to whether they will be adequately meeting the needs of their Muslim guests.

Keep Dietary Preferences in Mind

If possible, discuss dietary preferences and additional restrictions with guests prior to choosing a caterer. This will offer event planners the chance to make sure that the menu has something for everyone. Plenty of halal caterers offer extensive menu options and a wide variety of different kinds of catering for Muslim customers.

Look for Promotions

Want to save some money on catering? Check for promotions before deciding on a menu. Some caterers offer special wedding packages, volume discounts, or vouchers for free food, so it’s worth asking.