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What is the Best VPN for Thailand?

RitaVPN is the best choice of VPN in Thailand because RitaVPN protects businesses and individuals from Thailand’s new cyber laws, which gives the Government the power to search, duplicate information on computers and also confiscate computers without a warrant from the court. Hence, RitaVPN gives you 100% privacy protection from the Government’s prying eyes.

RitaVPN not only protects your privacy from prying eyes but also allows you to access websites either blocked by the Government or are geo-restricted. 

In the case of Netflix’s limited content, with RitaVPN, you can access Netflix US and stream unlimited content. Asides Netflix, you can also access other restricted streaming services and major news sites like Yahoo!, CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, etc.
Why do you need a VPN in Thailand?

Thailand is a country known for its high degree of internet censorship, online privacy rights violation, and high cybercrime rate.

Thailand is one of the countries with the highest number of websites shut down by the Government. Presently, it only got worse with the new laws giving full backup to Government’s internet censorship and privacy rights violation without the need for a search warrant.
Six reasons why you should use RitaVPN in Thailand
1. Internet Freedom

There are several reported cases of arrests by the Government for posting ‘inciting’ and ‘anti-government’ contents on social media networks. Government censoring and monitoring activities force high levels of restrictions on individuals and private organizations.

Using a VPN service in Thailand is the only means of enjoying Internet freedom. RitaVPN gives you 100% privacy protection with its enhanced privacy and security features like its military-grade encryption, intelligent killer switch, numerous servers spread across the countries of the world, and above all, its ‘no log’ policy.

When you use RitaVPN, you have guaranteed protection from IP leak, online tracking, and digital footprint, etc.
2. Access Blocked Contents and websites

Blocked websites and web contents in Thailand include Pornography, political websites, and blogs, which are sympathetic to Patani United Liberation Organization (PULO)’s cause, and foreign news sites like Aljazeera, BBC, CNN, Yahoo News, China news, etc.

Using RitaVPN, you can unblock websites and contents. RitaVPN disguises your IP address and location to reflect a location outside of Thailand, with a new IP address that constantly changes to avoid tracking.
3. Stream contents from Geo-restricted sites

Many streaming services like Netflix US, Hulu BBC iPlayer, ESPN, NBC, etc. restrict their services within their country of operation

Netflix Thailand offers users limited access to less than 200 television series and about half of a thousand movies compared with the US version, which has more than a thousand TV series and about five thousand movies.

To access such mouth-watering contents from geo-restricted sites, all you need do is subscribe to any of RitaVPN’s plans, select ‘USA’ as your location, ‘Connect’ and enjoy unlimited content.
4. Bypass Government surveillance and protection from Cybercrime attacks

Thailand’s Government has sophisticated tools for intercepting and reading data sent over the internet. The Government can also intercept and listen to conversations from ‘VoIP.’

Also, Internet service providers (ISP) in Thailand have received orders from the Government to keep users’ log for not less than 90 days.

When Connecting to the internet via RitaVPN, your data is channeled through RitaVPN’s secure, encrypted tunnel using the highest military-grade encryption protocol. Hence, there is no way your data can be intercepted and decoded either by government agencies or hackers.
5. Torrenting

RitaVPN has dedicated torrenting servers that make torrenting fast, at 80% of standard internet upload and download speed.

Users can enjoy high-speed torrenting while staying safe and anonymous online.
6. Gambling

Casino lovers, it is sad news that Thailand’s Government places a total ban on all foreign gambling sites.

Using RitaVPN, you can access foreign gambling sites and enjoy spinning the wheel or dealing with the cards without being restricted to boring online wagers.
How does RitaVPN work?

RitaVPN has the following privacy and security features to ensure your guaranteed protection online.

The kill switch feature: the kill switch prevents data leakage by disconnecting access to the internet if your VPN goes off.

Military-grade encryption protocol: RitaVPN uses the 256-bit encryption protocol to channel and encrypt your data through its secure encryption tunnel, ensuring your data is 100% protected from interception and interference.

High-quality servers spread across the world: you can connect to these servers and access blocked websites and geo-restricted contents while also enjoying privacy protection by lP and location masking.

‘No log’ policy: RitaVPN is true to its no-log policy. RitaVPN does not keep users log details on their servers. Even when the authorities come knocking, there would be no data to handover.
Why you should choose RitaVPN

Privacy: RitaVPN is based in HongKong, a country with favorable privacy protection laws. When you subscribe to RitaVPN, your payment details are securely protected from third-party access. Also, you can use the anonymous payment means like cryptocurrencies.

Connection speed: high connectivity speed makes RitaVPN stand out amongst other VPN providers.

Intelligent kill switch technology to prevent data leakage

Unlimited Bandwidth connection: subscribing to RitaVPN gives you access to unlimited bandwidth connection.

A simple interface and easy to use navigation: RitaVPN has a simple user-interface and easy-to-use navigation features that make it a favorite amongst first-time users and expert VPN users.

Multiple device connections: connect and enjoy VPN services on up to four devices with a single internet connection.
RitaVPN pricing

RitaVPN Plans

    The Monthly plan of $10.99 per month.
    6-Months plan for $49.99 per six months. With this plan, you save 25% at $8.33 per month
    The one year plan at $64.99 per year. You save 50% at $5.42 per month by choosing this plan.

Bottom Line

To enjoy RitaVPN’s privacy protection and other numerous features, head to RitaVPN’s official website and sign up for an account by choosing from any of RitaVPN’s plans.

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All you need do is use a preferred payment method to pay for your chosen plan, download and install the RitaVPN app, and start enjoying its amazing features.

Obtain Aid Keeping Your House In Fantastic Shape All Year Or Even Prior To An Event

It is usually hard in order to stay up with every little thing that has to be completed at home, yet assistance will be accessible. Those that would like help with cleaning their own residence may have maids visit to be able to carefully clean the property. They might come by on a regular basis or simply any time there is a gathering on the agenda, depending on the owner of the home. In any event, their ability to be able to deep clean the home and make it look wonderful will likely be treasured by the property owner.

Quite a few people simply do not have enough time in order to get almost everything accomplished. Tasks such as cleaning the property in many cases are the first ones they will desire to get rid of because of precisely how much time it requires in order to be sure everything is done correctly. However, that does not mean the property will end up looking like a mess by the end of the week. Instead, they might want to work with a house cleaning service in order to be sure their residence is actually cleaned and to save them a lot of time. This way, they are able to give attention to more important jobs they want to have completed as well as won’t have to be worried about precisely how the home appears any time they will go back home daily.

Other individuals might enjoy keeping up with the household chores yet need a much deeper clean as they have an event approaching. This is the best time for them to talk to a housecleaner for assistance. They are going to be in the position to have the residence completely cleaned before virtually any visitors arrive as well as they will not likely have to complete the work on their own. This means they are going to have far more time to manage the additional tasks they’ll want to do in order to get everything setup and ready for the function. This can be a huge time saver for the person and could be sure they’ll have a home they’re proud in order to display whenever the guests start to arrive.

If perhaps you need assistance cleaning your residence frequently or even before a function, make certain you will know who to call in order to acquire the appropriate assistance. Check out this website to be able to discover much more about the home cleaning services available and also to ensure you will have everything you need.

Find Out Exactly How To Come Home To A Nice And Clean Home

At the end of an extended workday, the very last thing any person really wants to do will be clean their particular house. But, if perhaps it isn’t done, almost everything starts piling up and also it might turn into a much bigger job than anticipated. People that desire to make certain they are able to relax after the day without needing to worry about their particular property may wish to explore having Superb Maids clean their property.

Having a person thoroughly clean the home frequently makes it easier to be able to take care of the home and also allows the homeowner a lot more time to unwind in the evenings whenever they are through with work. They will not have to worry about whether or not something needs to be cleaned because it will already be completed. Home cleaning can be scheduled for one time if perhaps they will need to have extra assistance getting every little thing done or can be done on a regular basis to help keep the house in wonderful shape. It all depends on the level of aid the homeowner would like to have.

If you happen to be fed up of having to thoroughly clean your residence when you get off work to keep it looking great, check into receiving some aid right now. Pay a visit to the site for Elena Ledoux right now to be able to find out much more regarding the aid that’s accessible for you.

Be Certain Your Property Looks Wonderful For Just About Any Event

Any time a person has an event within their own home approaching, they are going to wish to make certain their property looks perfect. Although they probably clean normally, there is certainly a whole lot they can skip with their regular cleanings, so it really is crucial to be sure they can obtain aid so every little thing looks perfect. Home owners who want to make certain things are all done on time and to help save time for them to give attention to the rest they’ll have to have for their particular function could want to utilize Superb Maids for help.

When a property owner needs to be sure their particular home looks perfect for virtually any function, they will need to make certain they take some time in order to check into house cleaning services. They can schedule the service for the day ahead of the event to be able to be sure things are all clean and all set to go whenever the guests start to arrive. They could customize the cleaning services to their particular desires to be able to make sure almost everything looks great and might ensure they’ll have all of the assistance they will need to have to be able to get almost everything prepared for the celebration. This will make it much easier for them to actually get every little thing set up as almost everything will be clean before they begin setting up.

When the celebration is done, there’s probably a great deal that will require being cleaned up. Once again, the home owner might use a home cleaning business in Las Vegas in order to receive the aid they need to have. The cleaning business will be able to show up following the event comes to an end and also clean the entire house so it seems to be excellent again. Home owners do not have to be concerned about cleaning up following the function by themselves and also, instead, can unwind and let a specialist manage all the work for them.

In case you’ve got a gathering coming up in your house as well as you need to make sure things are all excellent and prepared to go, consider hiring a home cleaning business to assist you. They’ll make sure your house looks great thus things are all prepared for your occasion. Stop by the web page for Elena Ledoux right now to be able to discover more regarding event cleaning services or even the other assistance furnished so that you can acquire the assistance you’ll need to have as well as ensure your house looks fantastic.