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Three Reasons to Consider Live Station Catering for Events in Singapore

Catering can be every bit as delicious and enjoyable as any other type of food service. There are also some proven, effective ways to make sure that the catering for any event will meet and exceed expectations. Providers of the best live station catering services in Singapore, for instance, regularly impress guests and hosts alike.

A Better Way to Cater Many Events

Some events are especially well-suited to buffet-style catering service where guests help themselves to the available dishes. Others naturally suggest individually plated meals that are delivered by professionals to diners who remain seated.

There is another option that frequently makes excellent sense when neither of these two is an obvious solution. Having a caterer set up stations that will be attended, where sensible, can combine many of the benefits of the other most common sorts of service. Choosing to have an event catered with live stations can enable advantages concerning:

  • Personality. Even an especially lavish buffet can feel a bit impersonal, since an element of human interaction will generally be missing. Live service stations staffed by experienced caterers add to the character and personality of an event in ways that many guests will appreciate. Even an otherwise unremarkable event can be livened up by the presence of live catering stations.
  • Formality. Buffet-style catering almost always feels informal, even if the food being served is exceptionally elevated and delicious. Seated meal service can seem overly stuffy, though, particularly for events where fun and celebration are in order. Having experienced caterers staff live stations frequently strikes the perfect balance between these extremes.
  • Food quality. Even a carefully maintained buffet line can end up hosting dishes that are not at their best. Caterers who personally oversee individual stations will always be well positioned to make sure that such problems do not arise. In addition, they will often be ready and able to make any adjustments that are requested by particular guests.

Many More Reasons Why Live Stations are So Popular

For reasons like these and others, many event planners and hosts in Singapore end up choosing live station catering services. While there will be times when a buffet line or plated meals will be preferable, live station catering is an excellent choice for many events.

Restaurant Financials: Exploring the Intricacies of Payroll

Owning a restaurant can be a rewarding and lucrative venture. It also comes with certain challenges. Keeping up with the competition, developing new menu items, staying on top of repairs and upgrades when needed and exceeding customers’ expectations are only a few of the common hurdles. Of course, employee payroll is a matter all its own. This single factor has been the downfall of countless restaurateurs with certain aspects being particularly problematic.


Though state and federal taxes and certain other deductions are universal, they’re anything but uniform. They vary from one employee to the next depending on his or her family size, living situation and a wide range of other factors. On top of that, some staff members may have child support or other garnishments to be deducted and sent to the proper authorities. One wrong move could be costly for the affected employee as well as the restaurant.

Federal Insurance Contribution Act

According to FICA regulations, restaurateurs are able to subtract their employees’ tips from their minimum wage requirements. Still, they’re required to ensure employees’ total earnings meet the current minimum wage. Should overtime enter the picture, the entire equation changes dramatically. Calculation errors could easily add up to significant issues for the restaurant on a number of levels, not the least of which are fines and disgruntled staff members.

Employee Benefits

Offering certain incentives is essential when it comes to attracting exemplary employees and keeping them. Some restaurants offer staff members holiday pay, paid vacations, college tuition reimbursement, retirement plans and other benefits for remaining with the company for a certain amount of time. Factoring these into the restaurant financials requires not only good organizational skills and an aptitude for math, but a great deal of paperwork as well.

All that being said, restaurant owners don’t have to do all this ciphering on their own. Numerous tools and resources are available to help with the process. They aid restaurateurs in remaining in compliance with state and federal deductions and regulations while helping to lower turnaround rates as well. Plenty of benefits can come from using accounting software and services designed specifically for the unique needs of restaurants, but peace of mind and satisfied staff members may very well be the most important.

Three Reasons to Implement a Restaurant Bookkeeping Service

Running an eating establishment is not an easy task because there are different aspects to consider in order to make it a success. For instance, preparing and executing a great menu is definitely a must, but paying attention to the financial details of operating the restaurant is just as important. Below are some reasons why investing in restaurant bookkeeping services is advised.

Provides the Owner More Time to Concentrate on What They Enjoy Doing

A chef enjoys modifying the menu and coming up with different dishes and drinks to introduce to their diners, as well as coming up with different events to host during various nights of the week. These are all great ideas to improve the front of the house and to encourage business, but the back end of the house also needs someone to keep an out for things. This is where a financial service comes in to take care of various aspects involved in running a successful business, while allowing them owner time to concentrate on their level of expertise.

Cuts Down on Waste

Hiring a financial service to take care of ordering will minimize the amount of money spent when ordering, as well as encouraging employees to use the supplies before having to order again. A financial service will implement a way to track supplies and get them ordered as they start running low, so items are not stockpiled and money is not being wasted each time an order for supplies is made.

Tracks Profits

Another great reason to hire a financial service is to track the restaurant’s profits. This can be based on the times the restaurant is open, as well as food and drink sales. If a certain dish is being ordered a lot or not as often, then this tells the owner that they need to keep something as a constant on the menu, or they need to eliminate or replace another dish that is not being ordered as much.

A lot of thinking and planning goes into running a successful restaurant, and hiring a financial service is a great way to keep track of profits to help an owner along the way.

Setting Up Catering For A Religion-Based Event

In Singapore, catering services help event coordinators manage the requirements of corporate and consumer-based events. The opportunities allow the clients to choose delicious foods and ensure that all attendees have a great time. When reserving the services, clients evaluate all their choices and plan out a successful event.

Ending the Fast With Delicious Foods

Annual festivals are held to celebrate the end of a month-long fast. The celebration requires the participants to follow Muslim practices and avoid certain foods. When planning out the event, the caterers provide an exceptional opportunity for attendees to enjoy a wonderful meal.

Setting up the Event

The service provider sets up the event according to the client’s choices. The design must follow the practices of the Muslim religion and shouldn’t include items or decor that is offensive. The catering service provides tables and chair rentals for the event and completes the entire setup on the day that it is scheduled.

Adhering to the Right Diet

According to tradition, the foods must comply with Muslim requirements. The catering service must follow all guidelines for food preparation. The service provider must follow clean practices and should never include unsavory conditions. The Muslim diet also excludes pork and pork-related foods. The religion restricts the event participants from consuming foods that don’t follow the recommended guidelines.

Creating a Successful Event

The catering services offer clients a full crew to manage all requirements for the meal. The client chooses either buffet style or formal dining for their event. The buffet doesn’t require waitstaff and is set up to create a more relaxed environment. Fine dining options are available with a waitstaff and allow attendees to relax and receive their meals at their table.

In Singapore, catering services are helpful for event coordinators and allow them to make better choices about their event. The service providers offer table and chair rentals to accommodate all guests comfortably. The venue manager sets up the event and prepares for all caterers and vendors arriving on the day of the event. Clients who want to learn more about halal catering services by Stamford Catering schedule a consultation for catering options right now.